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Basic Concepts Of Insurance In Pakistan

TheWhat is Insurance and what is its point of view in Islam? Can you have Insurance or not? Because in our daily life we meet a lot of people who from Insurance companies. They tell us that if you Insurance, your future will be safe.What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.

 Get your property insured. Many people who are getting Insurance of their properties , Education and Health. What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.  .What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.

 I will tell you what is Insurance and how we get Insurance and what is point of we of Insurence in our religion? In Pakistan too much companies who provide Insurance to us.    .What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.  All of them have different method of Insurance. But the basically is same thing. First of all you understand that many types of Insurance.

 Now we are discussing (3) three different Types Of Insurances
 1-  Travel 
 2- Crops
 3- Health 
 Its totally dependent on you that Which Insurance you want.
Travel Insurance:


I will give you an other example on your travelIf you have bought a car. I hope will completely understand now. One person who get Insurance on his car. If it gets an accident if you have to insurance, then the company will provide money from the company so that they can fulfill their loss and treat their own and be healthy. You have purchased a car, which has your insurance to make 30 Thousand rupees and one of Year Insurance.
 Money × month = Amount
 30,000 × 12 = 360,000
.What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.
 So you have to make a year insurance if you get an accident during a year, there is an accident, which is harmful to your vehicle, which will provide you with the company that your loss does not have any accident yet, if you do not have any accident you provided, the money you provided to 30,000 rupees monthly. So if you have an accident then the company’s loss will give you money. If you have an accident, then company will return to you five crores. So if you have to make insurance you will be in the benefit. .What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.
 If you do not have an account, during the year, you are absolutely safe, the money you paid to the company that the thirty thousand annual has been waste. If you feel that your accident does not have been then it will be very beneficial because its annual amount becomes a lot of things that they will escape the whole company, the company was very beneficial.When the company benefits you will have a loss.
.What Is Insurance And What Is Its View In Islam.
When the company is damaged you will benefit. So you can buy Car insurance can instantly make an instrument of your vehicle, can engine this vehicle insurance can take insurance of the vehicle. If you make your car insurance, the crash will pay the whole loss will not be your loss.I will give you an example of this.
Crops Insurance:


If this servant’s crop is safe, there is no disaster, there was no disaster, its five million rupees that is taking the company will be waste. In second case if all their crops disaster then all the lose on company then company will give 5 crore to the servant. In Islamic point of view its totally wrong Islam not like this kind of Insurance.
There is a servant who has got insurance for ten months. Five thousand rupees a month. The servant who worked in agriculture. He has to get his insurance. He has given five thousand rupees to the company for ten months.
Rupees × Month = Total
 5000 × 10 = 5,00,000
 If you deposit 5000 rupees in 1 month the total amount of 10 month is 500000 rupees. You spend 500000 rupees to insurance company in 10 month. He get Insurance on his agriculture. In case of any natural disasters and flood. If it has an agreement with the company, it will pay Rs 50 million to the companies so that they can replant their crops and make up for their losses. Life Insurance is very common now a days. Every third person has getting his  on which work hi did. If your crop is not destroyed, the flood does not seem to be a fire, then you have paid five thousand rupees monthly and five million rupees ten months.

They will lose your money that you will not return to the company, they will keep them, if your Insurance is not harmed, how much money will you pay all your money get waste. All your money will goes to the company. You will have to understand here. If you make your crop insurance, if the crop is destroyed, then the company will pay you five million rupees if your crop is not destroyed, your five lakh rupees will be lost if there is a person’s benefit here, then it is a loss of second person. Its wrong in Islam.

Health Insurance:

Another Example of Insurance is Health Insurance.
Many people get this type of  Insurence. In this type Insurence you will pay amount 20 years every month 2 thousand rupees. In this insurance if you pay two thousand rupees of a month. Then 24,000 yearly and 4,80,000 of 20 years. Its mean you give 4,80,000 in 20 years. If you make this insurance, if your death becomes, then the company will provide you with Rs 20 lakh during these twenty years. Many people make it insurance so that their wife had considered after their death. If their death becomes their children and their family can get 20,00000 ruppes. .
 If you have a few months or one year two days, then if you dies, the company will pay the entire money.
 If you live in their years, you do not have anything, then the company will not give you anything only the money you paid will be the same as you will. Every insurance company have different rules and regulation of their insurance. Many companies have same rule but some different. If you make a Inssurence you get something you will get the money your family will help.
Being a good muslim please abondant Life insurance.

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