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Benefits of Integrating Digital and Traditional PR

The Benefits of Integrating Digital and Traditional PR

Public relations is a marketing effort to strengthen customer relationships. In the past, companies focused solely on traditional PR where they used event coordination, crisis communications, reputation management, trade shows, sponsorship opportunities, and press release distribution that focus on newspapers, television, and radio platforms to remain in the minds of clients, but with the internet, digital PR has become the more preferred choice.

In the past 5 years,; this just shows you how companies are rapidly focusing on digital PR as their marketing efforts.

Digital PR focuses on improving a brand’s online presence. This is a more effective approach because more people use the internet, and it’s only natural to be where the customers are. So with this method, PR has moved to social media, influencer marketing, video marketing, and websites. Brands now hire social media influencers and bloggers to spread the good word about their brands to the general public. So far, this has been more effective because brands can get across to a more significant number of user with allent them.

But there’s no doubting that some traditional PR strategies can be beneficial in today’s digital-focused marketplace.

Why is Digital and Traditional PR Important?

The point of marketing is to get your product or services to as many eyes as possible, whether using digital or traditional methods. So imagine the growth brands would enjoy if they combine both of these efforts. Depending on your target audience, not many people use the digital entirely, so to reach these people, you have to widen your strategies.

Benefits of Traditional Public Relations

The traditional PR focuses more on a face to face interactions with customers. As mentioned earlier, they focus on trade shows, events, and press releases like newspapers, radio, and television. Although not time and resources efficient like what we have in the digital PR today, the traditional PR efforts are still beneficial.

The traditional PR provides more quality information in that there would be less misunderstanding because of the in-person conversation model. They are also able to take on fewer campaigns and projects at the same time, unlike the digital approach, which means serious attention would be given to each campaign, meaning better results for them.

They employed the services of journalists and publicists to improve brand positioning and awareness. The traditional PR efforts have been declining drastically and are phasing out because of digital efforts. But bringing the best of both worlds can bring lots of positive results if done right.

Benefits of Digital Public Relations

Traditional Public relations metamorphosed into digital marketing because of the nature of today’s market. It is quite understandable because the internet is a useful tool that helps us to reach a wider audience — almost everyone.

With Facebook ads, for example, brands can easily reach their target audience at a lesser cost than any newspaper or radio channel. With the help of influencer marketing, brands can use influencers to influence the buying decisions of customers. From a busy businesses earn $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencers with the top 13% making $20 or even more. You would hardly get this ROI from traditional PR efforts.

Digital PR specialists spend less time on particular projects, but this can be a two-edged sword. The good is that projects would be completed on time, but the results would not be as in-depth as the traditional PR counterpart that spent more time completing a particular campaign or project.

And unlike the traditional PR, digital marketers cannot know for sure if their message was understood. The connection you get from a traditional campaign cannot be compared to the digital PR campaigns. You can’t get that closeness through the internet.

But how can businesses leverage both worlds and get the best out of the two?

How does to Integrate Traditional Public Relationships into your Digital marketing strategy

Integrating digital and traditional PR cuts all the demerits of each, and you get the best of both worlds. So brands who can successfully incorporate both marketing efforts would see the highest returns on investments.

Most companies are already doing digital marketing, but not everyone has learned to integrate both of them. So how do you incorporate both of them?

Use Influencers as Journalists

The focus of traditional PR is to improve the brand’s image by partnering up with journalists. With social media, influencers can do the work of journalists and even better.

Influencers have good relationships with their audience, and they can influence buying decisions better than journalists would. People do business with people they trust, and influencers act as trustworthy parties, which would make it so easy for them to do business with you because of the trust you both share.

And this would invariably increase your brand value.

Run press releases with your digital channels

The traditional PR is highly focused on press releases. Companies use press releases to share news about their company, but digital channels, ls can serve the same purpose.

With blog posts, emails, and social media platforms, companies can give out these messages directly to their audience without going through journalists. This way, you can tell your story, how you want it, and not cause any confusion.

How to use Social Media to build relationships with Journalists.

You cannot overlook the importance of journalists. Journalists are skilled at looking for breaking news and creating a story from an angle when journalists talk about your brand positively, and it would put your brand in a better light, which is why it’s important to have journalists around.

They Entertain Their Audiance with storytelling, which will help your business remain in the minds of your audience if you have them on your team.

And social media is a crucial tool to build relationships with these journalists. Find journalists who are relevant to your niche and not just any random one. The ideal way to approach these journalists on social media is to follow them, engage with them, and contact them.

You have to have content already on your page, so they would see that you’re doing something on your end. Tell them what you need and move on from there.


Reaching your audience is different now because of the internet, so most traditional PR strategies have become irrelevant. But the use of journalists especially is still useful for your marketing efforts because of their importance.

With your blogs and social media, you can run press releases because the use of press releases is to share the latest news within the company.

Traditional and Digital PR still share the same goals — to increase brand value and image. While none of them is terrible, innovation has made digital PR efforts more efficient. But combining them is still vital, with the tips above.

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