Disease of Heart and Treatment Of Those Diseases

What is heart disease? And how do we cure this disease?


Any kind of heart disease would infect our heart. Many people think about this disease as one condition.  The disease of heart and treatment of that disease. this infectious disease has different conditions and different types.


Here I will tell about different forms of this disease. Some types of heart disease can be grouped together according to how they affect the structure or function of your heart.

If our heart will not working properly our heart falls into too much disease.

•  The Coronary arteries and the vascular diseases are taking place when hardening of the arteries this is the treatment of heart disease this type of disease happens when your heart is blocked.  This kind of disease is found when your heart’s arteries are not working properly yet. Coronary arteries are a common type of heart disease which have to infect us with heart attacks.


In our country, most people have infected with this type of heart disease. Many people died Because of heart disease. This disease infects our heart blood pressure. It reduces the pressure of our blood. If you are infected with the vascular disease you would be getting treatment for this disease as soon as possible. Treatment of heart is most important fall of us. If you get carelessness about this disease you would be paying with your life.

•   The second form of heart disease is *HEART RHYTHM DISORDERS*

It is also the most common disease of the heart.

This disease causes when the heart beats too slowly. Rythem disorders are found in many hearts. Most people are infected with heart disease we should try to get treatment for that disease.

•  Structural Heart disease is another type of Heart disease. its found at birth and after birth through infection.  We should try to save our children from these deadly diseases. If our child’s growth properly then child healthy body and mind.


•  Heart failure is a serious condition when the heart fails. Damaged and weaken.

Two common types of this evil :

1- Heart attacks

2- High blood pressure

There is no treatment for this disease this changes our lifestyle our thinking habits. It changes us.

Stay away from the hospital and live longer.


Our hearts fall in many diseases and we get treatment for that disease. I’m here to tell you about the cause of heart diseases.

Heart diseases are caused by:

1 – Medical conditions

2- high blood pressure

3- high cholesterol levels

4- diabetes

5- high blood pressure during pregnancy

6- sleep apnea

7- Lifestyle risk factors, unhealthy diet

8- not enough physical activity

8- unhealthy weight

9- smoking

10 -too much alcohol

11- a recreational drug to control birth.

Here I will tell about the risk factors of heart disease which we can’t prevent.

 *Sex*  – If a woman’s caused risk of heart disease and it can change her life. It changes her lifestyle.

   *Age*  –  If you are  50 years old, if you badly fall into this evil, your life would be in danger. Please beware about your heart and get treatment of this bad victim. Please look at your family and children. 

1 – SouthAsian, African heritage

2- Indigenous heritage

3- personal circumstances 4 –  Eat good food

5- drink pure water

6- you live a healthy and safe life.


Heart disease is curable. And if you’ve been fall with heart disease, there are some chances for you can reduce your risk of developing more heart problems and save the happy journey of your life.

Look at these steps very carefully and follow these steps :

1 – Be smoke-free, Because smoking is injurious to health.

2-  Be physical. Walk in the morning join gym and do an exercise properly.    

3- Know and control.

4 – your blood pressure.

Control your blood pressure.

5- Eat healthy and good food that is lower in fat, especially and trans fat, Avoid oily food.

6- maintain a healthy weight according to your age.

7- Manage your diabetes.

8-Limit alcohol use. Don’t drink alcohol it is too much injurious to your health.

9- Reduce stress. Don’t have any type of stress on your mind. Avoid depression.

10-Visit your regularly and follow their advice.

Check-up regularly and get medicine which provides by your doctor.



Our heart falls in many cases of disease we will try our best to get over from this type of disease.

If your heart is in this disease your life in danger.    


If you fall into this evil, you visit your doctor properly and give you a complete physical exam. The doctor takes your medical test after checking your test reports he will give you medicine for this disease. Treatment of the heart is very necessary. The heart is the most important part of our body. All the body parts connect with our hearts.

When you will go to your doctor. The doctor gets your blood and urine sample. The doctor may also run tests. These tests depend on the signs and symptoms of your diseases.


Treatment of the heart is the most important thing.

Treatment of your heart depends on your thinking habits. Life style

Heart surgery. Treatment depends on the type of heart disease. After a checkup, You and your doctor will discuss the treatment they will decide which is the best medicine for u in this case of disease.

Most people don’t take some type of medicine. Simply we can say many people fall in allergy by taking such medicine That’s why patients and doctors will decide together which is the best thing for this patient at this stage.

Then the doctor gives you medicine according to your age.  


Cardiac rehabilitation is a personal program of exercise, education, and counseling to help you recover from heart disease.  If you find such a person, he will help you provide your strength and reduce your heart problems.

After looking at this you would be able to check your inner problem for the future. Talk to your doctor about how do I find a program in your area or talk to your public health department. Or you talk to the hospital. This society will help you to find the best way for your program in public.

It is normal to feel afraid after a diagnosis of heart disease. After this, you will find someone who can turn to for emotional support like a family member, friend, doctor, mental health worker, or support group.  The person you find he will talk to you about your life challenges his  feelings  your family your friend  are an important part of your journey to recovery.   

Meet those people whose you know well. Spend too much time with this kind of people.

It’s your first obligation to find such a person to take you to a good and enjoying life.

Your health depends on such kind of person which is your friend. Family member. Doctor. Officer or neighbor.


Treatment of heart is most important for all person who infects in heart problems.

After all, these know we need recovery and support for practical life.

When you are ill for a long time you would be far away from the world. You are fall depressed every time.

Now you need such a person who gives u recover and support to you full of practical advice and tips for your golden future.

Get over your heart disease and enjoy a good and healthy life.

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