No.1 Best Government College University of Lahore GCU

Government College University of Lahoreof Lahore

I am here to tell you about Government College University Lahore is a public research university.
Nickname GCU. Which is located in the Lahore district of Punjab. It is established in 1861: 159 years ago as a Government college. It opened its doors in 1864. It is elevated to university status in 2002. Its motto is educating people for tomorrow ( historical courage to know present ).It is vice-chancellor Prof. dr.Asghar Zaidi It has advanced into one of the ten top largest institutions of the PAKISTAN. It has 32 academic departments. There are five research centers, focused on academic and industrial research and development projects.

former president of both the UN General Assembly and The International Court of Justice, Muhammad Zafarullah khan scholar and novelist duo of Banu Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmad, and many more to study and become old grad of the institution. The University secured second place in the general category by the HEC in 2013. It has the highest graduation rate in the country, with an average of 95.5 % annually.

Government College University

The total area of the university is 56 acres and consists of the main building that is marked by an impressive Tower, main hall, new postgraduate block, New chemistry block, new science block.
The university has three libraries. There are 8 departmental libraries. The total area of the libraries is 35000 sq feet. At a time 700 students can study there.GCU starts its Ph.D. degree in 2018 in various subjects.
GCU has also a center for special students CCS.
All departments of the university are deck out with essential facilities to achieve excellence in teaching and research.
GCC also has several collaborations and linkages with national and international universities, industry, and social organizations. GCU university Provides transport to the students on Specific routes on payment.
In GCU there are many student services center like,
1 career Guidance and Placement center
2 Advisor students affairs best
4 Students counseling services
5 Cafeterias
6 Book store
7 Faiz Ahmad Faiz saminar hall
8 A daycare center
GCU has many other Facilities like state-of-the-art and science, computer labs, high-speed internet, a huge library, theaters, playgrounds, and sports facilities.

Government College University

GCU has a beautiful Masque where the students say prayers. And they also facilities for Friday prayers. The university has also two well-furnished cafeterias. In Cafeterias students eat and chat together and feel fresh. A committee checks the quality of food and then provided it to the students. A spread cafeteria for girls is located on the ground floor.


1.Applied Physics,
3 Biotechnology,
5.Clinical Psychology,
13.Political Science,
MS /M. Phil

Applied Physics,
Banking & Financial
Clinical Psychology,
Computer Science,
English literature,
SME Management,
environmental science,
Industrial / Organizational psychology,
Islamic Studies,
One Year Top Up (ClinicalPsychology, Statistics, Urdu, Zoology)

Degree – Course

B.Sc. -Applied Management
B.Sc. [Hons]Biotechnology
B.Sc. [Hons] – Botany
B.Sc. [Hons] Chemistry
B.COM- commerce
BS-Computer Science
B.Sc. [Hons] Economics
B.Sc. [Engg.J]- Electrical
B.Sc. [Engg.] Electronics
BA [HONS]-English Literature
B.Sc. [Hons]Environmental
BA [HONS]-Sociology
BS-Sports Sciences &Physical Education
B.Sc. [Hons] – Statistics
BA [HONS] -Urdu
B.Sc. [Hons]-Zoolog
B.Sc. [Hons]Microbiology
BA [HONS]-Persian
BA [HONS] – Philosophy
B.Sc. [Hons] – Physics
BA [HONS] – Political Science
B.Sc. [Hons] Psychology
BS – Punjabi
B.Sc. [Hons]-Finance & Accounting
B.Sc. [Hons] Geography
BFA-Graphic Designing
BA [HONS]-History
BA [HONS]-Islamic Studies
B.Sc. [Hons] Mathematics
B.Sc. [Hons]Microbiology

Government College University

The main reason for going to university is to get Academic qualifications. The university intends to get a higher education in which students belonging to each department at the university, enrolled after high school, study together with each other, try to understand each other, and value each other. Millions of people in the world teach without university but are educated from independent universities.

Discipline Of Government College University

Students are belonging to different religions and beliefs in a university, often students go from one city to another city or from one country to another country and take admission in different universities. What is the dream?
What is the dream of every student to enter the university is the first priority.

This is the best opportunity to get experiences and can better present yourself and your abilities to others.

When a student takes admission to a university feels free and calm and happy in a free environment. The duration of studying at the university is longer than during school and college, so during this period, we get good and true friends who live with us forever. A student at the university becomes more intelligent and strong. university life is more memorable and charming for any student. university life takes many time and money but it is a very analytical asset for the student.
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