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Is Writing Is Very Easy Task???

is writing is very easy taskjAssalamualaikum!
 I’m here to tell about writing. Writing plays an important role in education.
writing to meaning
 “Writing is a very easy task .  Just erase all the wrong words! ”(Mark Twain)
  A family that had power, but did not have an education in this family, not even a child was adorned with education.  Then a child was born in this family who was interested in getting an education.   He was educated.  If you are interested in reading books, read thousands of books.  When he became interested in travel, he started traveling around the world.
When he became interested in writing, he wrote such writings that people fell in love with his writings.  According to his experiences of reading books, traveling and traveling, he says that life is a journey and should continue on this journey.  The journey brings new destinations and these destinations bring with them new things.  Man learns from these things.
Man has five senses which we call Five Senses.  He sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches them.  In addition to these five senses, there is also a sixth sense which is related to the soul.  Man also feels through the soul.  The function of all these senses is that they receive information scattered throughout the universe and then convey their message to the people.
Unless a person uses all these senses, he will not be a good recipient of information.  Every human being in the world examines and tests the information obtained from his five senses and then uses the information that is needed.  The rest are saved in his subconscious.
 Raw material for writing
 Just as a machine requires raw materials to make a component, so it is necessary to read to write, because if writing is a component, its raw material is provided through study.
The more a man reads, the more he will be provided with this raw material.  As a result, he will be able to write so much better.  If one wants to write fifteen pages, one has to read fifteen hundred pages.  Then it will become a good writing.  As many great writers as there are in the world, their writings are short and concise.  This is because they have a wealth of information.
 New study, old study
 Most people think that a lot can be said if a good phrase comes and the tongue is grasped. It is not.  It is important to have the raw materials to speak and write well.  If a person is reading a book that is twenty years old, it means that his knowledge is twenty years old.
                    But if someone is reading a new book, it means that the knowledge is new.  However, this does not necessarily mean that twenty-year-old knowledge should not be read.  The fact is that old knowledge has its own significance, because the classic literature that provides ancient wisdom is the basis of today’s science.  For example, if a writer has not read Dehlavi’s “Bagh-o-Bihar”, has not tasted the poetry of Ghalib and Dagh, has not read the fiction of Manto and Krishna Chandra, then his writing will be dull.
                         A study of old literature will provide this writer with the raw material for new writing.  However, it is important for the general reader of today to keep in mind what quality of writing he is able to understand and what style of writing he is interested in.  Without these two basic conditions, good writing will not work.
 Three important things
 Three things are very important to make life full, the first of which is the book.  Although the study of books has been left to us, it is so important that Allah Almighty made the book a means of conveying the message to man.  Another way to enrich your life is to write in the form of pictures.
Like purposeful films (documentaries), because purposeful film itself is a university from which much can be learned.  Third the journey.  Allah Almighty has commanded us to travel around the world and see what kind of land I have created.  When a person travels, he discovers new civilizations, cultures and types of land.  Travel is, of course, a means to an end.
 Two knocks
                 When a person has fame and fortune, his lifestyle changes.  Then people knock on the door of his heart.  The first is stubbornness, ego or arrogance, while the second is humility.  At this point he has to let one of the two in.  If he allows the first one to enter, then anyone who spits, abuses, coughs, or parks the car incorrectly will suffer the most.
He will be caught in a fire that will burn him all the time.
But if he allows another person to come in, then despite all the hardships, it will be easier for him to live and his health will be fine.  He will not be jealous or envious of others.  A good reader is already aware of the ups and downs of life, then he is able to convey the same thought to his reader.
 The true man does not hurt anyone.  It doesn’t hurt if someone insults him, because all the truthful people in history have persevered.  He had no problem because he was satisfied inside.  The essence of God is the greatest reality in the world.
There is no greater reality.  The Holy Prophet is the last prophet and the Holy Qur’an is the last book.  But out of eight and a half billion people, only about two billion believe.  If anyone disagrees with you, keep in mind that where there are so many people who love, there will also be those who disagree.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) told us that they are also mine, that is, those who do not believe in you  There are invitations.
  Future work in the present
 Whatever you do, do it thinking that there will be a day after today and that day may be different.  Whenever you do something with the future in mind, you will get better.  And the one who is in good condition is the one who succeeds.  Although you write recently, the wonderful thing is that your writings are going to shape the future of the nation, the country, the future generations.

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