Khwaja Freed University of Engineering and Information

Assalam o Alaikum 

Today I am here to tell you about Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology 
Nickname KFUEIT
which is located in the Rahim Yar Khan District of Punjab. This university is the identity of South Punjab.
Khawaja Farid University of Engineering and Information Technology presents a beautiful view of the desert in Rahim Yar Khan. There are very few IT universities in our country Pakistan. It is by the grace of Allah Almighty that an IT University is located in our Rahim Yar Khan District.
It was held in 2014 during the Noon League era. The university was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. It is the first engineering university in the 200 km Ready. The university is located eight kilometers from the city of Rahim Yar Khan.
It is Vice-Chancellor Dr. Suleman Tahir Who is a very capable man.
The total area of the university is 275 Acers.
University has good & big library Where students can promote their education.
And clear there miss understanding during lectures.
University provides very well-qualified staff. Students have satisfied with their teachers.
 Big classrooms which are bright and airy.
University provides good transport facility throughout and for off the city Rahim yar khan.
In such a situation in our country, The establishment of the first Engineering University in South Punjab is a matter of pride.
Every student gets admission to college after ten years of schooling. After getting an education in college, he does not get admission to the university with great enthusiasm. He has many ideas. He has many dreams.
Every student dreams of going to university after getting a good degree with a lot of experience. He is looking for a job after graduating from university.
Khawaja Fareed University of engineering and information technology Rahim yar khan ( KFueit ) started his journey with four rooms and five faculty members with a four-degree program.
This is an opportunity for the girls of our district who could not go to study in remote areas and do not have such an environment in their homes. A large number of BS programs are studied there. This university brings something new for the student every coming new year.
2019 is much better than 2018 but 2020 is very much better than 2019.
By the grace of Allah, today, all that is spread over 275 acres, there are hundreds of facility members in the university. All the facilities are highly well trained.
Well, environment for students. The university is green everywhere Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. And it attracts the beholder.
The big playground here.
So that the student can go there in his free time and refresh his mind and body by playing.
University provides gym facilities for students who maintain their health. A lot of students are coming here and do exercise. Every machine that is necessary for exercise is provided by the university.
Degree programs :
Engineering _
Chemical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Software engineering
Electrical engineering
Civil engineering
Agriculture engineering
BS physics
BS chemistry
BS computer science
BS Mathematics
BS English
BS Biochemistry
BS Food science
BS Basic humanities
BS optometry
BS cosmetology and dermatology
BS Radiology
BS clinical psychology
BS Forensic science
BS Botany
BS Zoology
BS Biotechnology
BS material science
BS Environmental science
BS History
BS Media and communication
BS Urdu
BS Pakistan study
BS Physical Education
BS political science
BS fine arts
BS Economics
BS Heritage studies
BS telecommunication system
BS public administration
MSc programs
Computer science best
MS program
Software engineering
These programs are read with all higher education and training
This university is the name of discipline. Very strict security there.
So some of them are already scared and then it is more fun to drive them crazy. Whenever a new semester begins, senior students at each university ragged the newcomer for the first three days.
Our university has three large cafeterias. Almost all the food and drink items are available in the cafeteria and there is a very good system for buying things. Two cafeterias are inside the building while one is outside the cafeteria which is located in the middle of the university.
The cafeteria has chairs and tables for students to sit on. Almost every cafeteria has a great cleaning system.
Boys and girls spend their free time in the cafeteria.
Boys and girls sit here for hours talking or they discuss some of your studies.
 To eat in the cafeteria
A meeting bench is set up in the cafeteria so that teachers or students can easily sit down and discuss an issue if they need to.
A Tuck shop also there for students. Who buys eatable things there.
Cold drink
Bana shake and every shake available here.
A tuck shop has Biscuits Nimko lays etc.
Allah has blessed this institution with every success. Ameen
Thank you.

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