Treatment Is Better Than Cure in 2021

Allah Almighty has not only created us but has also blessed us with health. So, Treatment Is Better Than Cure life and if we miss even a little bit of health in this life then we suffer a lot. If there is a pain in one part of the body then there is a pain in the whole body.  It seems that our health is not good, we have come to die so Allah Almighty has made our health right.
We should take care of this health as we take a lot of work from it but we don’t take care of it at all so the treatment has been made for it. Allah Almighty has made many doctors with many eyes.  So in a world where if we ever get sick, they take care of us, give us medicine, etc. so that we can go. It’s okay for you to do your job.



             Its camps are set up at different places in different hospitals. The government also helps us to take good care of our health and we take care of our health. We can uplift our society so that our  When health is bad, we go to the hospital. In order to get well, we are given different kinds of medicines there so that we can recover quickly.
There are also different types of diseases in life.  Only if we make ourselves good and clean and healthy can we improve everything, so there are many treatments, it is a very important thing in today’s life.
Cancer is a disease that we can’t fight, we have to suffer so much that people’s products are exposed to prose. At first, a few years ago, there was a cure for it, but There are a lot of definitions available for which we can also fight cancer, especially which ones we can translate into each other and for that, we have a good way to get it from the doctor and garlic, etc.  We can tell you better about it right now.



There’s nothing else we can do with it. We can’t sit at home with it and use home remedies.  They are very dangerous. If we want to get rid of it, we have to consult a doctor.It is possible to cure cancer in the world nowadays. People are dying from sisters everywhere in the world, but this is happening nowadays.
                               People are recovering from them, then people are recovering from it like before, they are recovering from it and then they are living their lives happily.  Destroyed items have been used, but some of them have worked, but the doctor and our site, who were at the event looking for him, have finally come up with a new way to transplant theirs if.
              Change can be prevented and diseases like cancer can be prevented. If any of you have cancer, etc., do not use your home remedies, but follow the doctor’s instructions and consult a doctor as they say.  Follow it so you can get rid of the disease from the phone and blood cancer easily.
Fever is a disease that affects every person sitting at home nowadays, but fever does not cause a person to die, so there is a one percent chance that a person will die. No one in the body has the strength to fight the fever with the germs, but they have seen a percentage of people get well with the fever, how many fevers do we have today?
Heartburn is caused by work and fatigue but we don’t have to worry. There is no such thing as we can’t stay dusty or there is no solution or solution. Most of the time it happens without it.
                                 I use an injection of it to fight it right away. We can get a cure even with an injection. Fever is one in five out of every ten people in the house.  There is no need to worry.
Another problem we face in today’s life because of working all day is that headaches often get over our heads because of working all day in the heading because of this decision but because of that  We also don’t need to worry about the medicine that science has created in this world.
Due to the change of weather, we get the flu these days, ie the common cold is a disease which we cannot get rid of. In any case, no medicine has been made for it to date, but The writing is that if it is done, it will bear fruit for a week. If it is done for a week, then it will be fruitful for a week.  Doctors and scientists who have not developed relief medicine etc.
                     He say that if one finds out that he cannot fight it but he stays there for seven days in a week then slowly the iron starts to decrease. As everyone works, slowly you start to feel like your health is getting better and solitude is a disease that if one finds out, that person will not be able to stay healthy.  It feels like his whole body is aching all over his body because what he has is with our name and not with his whole body.  
As I have told you before, if there is even a slight pain in one part of our body, the whole body is in pain.
                It feels as if our body cannot fully function except that we are seven.  Wait for the day because if we wait all day we can get rid of Amy. Medicine is made like this which can only be controlled a little bit but what is it?  That is to say, it is also a virus that can only be fought with a medicine for which there is no medicine, etc. There is no medicine to date, maybe any ailment can be cured, then we can fight it, but as  You know, so we can fight with our patience.

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